About Inatco

INATCO – Internet, Networking and Technology Company, offers IT Services in various domains including but not limited to consulting, infrastructure, customized business applications and websites in addition to the customized engines (Real Estate, Accounting and Payroll and Stock).

Our job is not only to deliver IT services but also to assure the services are properly provided to give maximum efficiency. Our mission starts with the belief that the client, as a business owner, his job is to work ON the business; our job is to work IN it.

As our name might imply, the primary focus is the development lifecycle as a whole starting from studying the business needs, advising about accelerating it towards the 21st century and proceeding with design, implementation to deliver the vital solution.

Our history is being made today. The company is growing fast due to the proven experience, dedication and professionalism. We are working hard to increase our main asset which is a satisfied client. And in order to deliver revolutionized technologies, we are aiming at building and expanding strong partnerships with Technology leaders.

The depth and span of our portfolio reflects the versatility in web design and development, e-Business solutions, custom software development, training, consultancy and infrastructure planning and implementation. Staying up-to-date with latest Microsoft released technologies and applying the recommended best practices allows us to enjoy confidence of our clients from diverse industry segments.

We could carry on but we think you get the picture.