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Inatco offers IT services in various domains including IT consulting, IT infrastructure and customized business applications and websites as well as other professional technical solutions.

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About Us

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Company in Brief

Founded by Ramzi Aynati in 2009, INATCO offers IT Services in various domains including:

  • Multi Cloud Platforms & Implementations
  • Consultancy & Trainings
  • Business Apps & Websites

Our Credo Our Integrity

Our philosophy is to keep a firm finger on the market's pulse to understand its needs. And with a commitment to outsmart future impediments, keep producing tailored, future-proof infrastructure solutions as we gain deeper insights into manipulating data to optimize costs for greater satisfaction.

Our mission

Our mission is to ensure our business keeps abreast of new technology. In hard fact, and for maximum functionality, we always make sure the services we provide are delicately and adequately implemented. To sustain a high standard throughout, we cruelly commit to every project using verified knowledge, transparent communication, unlimited creativity, and, most importantly, distinct professional integrity for unparalleled results.


Today, after thirteen years of hard work, INATCO can compete with numerous big-scale companies on quality and expenditure. With more than 200 major clients in the MEA and Europe such as Atos, Nokia Siemens, Johnson & Johnson, Abu Dhabi Security & Information Centre, Western Union, EY, Avanade, and Microsoft, in addition to Azadea, and high-profile universities such as AUB (American University of Beirut) and NDU (Notre Dame University).

INATCO, as one of the fastest-growing consultancy and training enterprises around, is rising to a crescendo with an annual average turnover of 5,000,000$. The company is booming exponentially due to the proven experience, dedication, and professionalism it has shown over the years, especially recently.

Behind this success lies a morass of revolutionized custom-made technologies aiming to expand solid mutual collaboration with the global technology market, which will undoubtedly contribute positively to the overall experience and reputation of the INATCO community.

Specialized in Web and Application Development and has done extensive research and implementation in Artificial Intelligence. Holder of a master’s degree in Mathematics, Ramzi is also a Microsoft Certified Trainer with more than 17 years of experience.


Managing Partner

A skilled specialist on Microsoft products. Has more than 15 years of empirical experience in several domains among which are Operations and Business Development, Commercial and Presales Consultancy, System and Security Engineering. Over the last five years, his training schedules extended to top executives and IT Business professionals in the Middle East, Europe, and USA.


Managing Partner

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