Interpersonal Training 101

Inatco has a team of Certified Trainers, who develop and expand human potential by providing customized training programs for companies and individuals.

We develop customized training materials and deliver professional trainings, and end up with a post training assessment/evaluation.

An investment in Inatco training pays up quickly.

We provide HUMAN RESOURCES trainings & SOFT and PERSONAL SKILLS trainings such as (and not limited to):


Interposonal 101

  • Prepare you for your next job interview.
  • Improve your soft skills and build your confidence.
  • Learn how to impress the interviewer.
  • Build your analytical skills to adapt to different situations


  • Succeed in the upcoming job interview
  • Ability to run different job interviews and select the company that you desire
  • Ensure success of your first step in the world of business


CV preparation
CV presentation
Time management
Body impression
Soft skills
Questions and answers

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